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Our main objective is to provide a quality service for the client that covers all your requirements and not stop until you exceed the expectations of the same.
VReality is a pioneer company in Bolivia in the development of virtual reality software, augmented reality and filming service in 360 technology.

Our team is dynamic and young which has an experience of more than 5 years in their respective areas of work, which strengthens us as a company and which in turn keeps us in constant learning, research and research of new technologies.

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We provide a complete list of best interactive services

Virtual Reality

The person who experiences it will have a complete immersion in a world in which there are no limits, we can see, create and do what we want.

Interactive Apps

Let us sell your idea in an innovative and high quality graphic way.


Our goal is to provide the greatest possible entertainment to our clients, developing creative and innovative videogames.


Immerse yourself in experiencing innovative experiences without the use of controls or buttons.

Augmented Reality

We are not satisfied with placing a 3D model on an image, we go much further and we design truly innovative systems that provide value, functionality and visual impact.


You choose what you want to see from the video while it is playing. We make the user live the experience of your events, products or spaces anywhere, using a browser, smartphone or virtual reality glasses.

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